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Information -25/08/2022
Why do we use Stainless Steel instead of Brass?

Stainless steel has become more common in plumbing and caterting over the last decade due to its beneficial properties, but what makes it so great, and why do we use it?

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Information -30/12/2020
Benefits of Touchless Faucets

There are so many benefits of hands free faucets, keep reading to see some of the most important ones!

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Information -01/12/2020
We gotta redefine the Best Pre Rinse Faucet

Pre Rinse faucets play an very important role in professional kitchen, but no one can tell if it is good or not good without instruction. Welcome to compare Bestware pre rinse with what you use.

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Information -31/08/2020
What makes Bestware stainless steel faucets unique?

As the first manufacturer to put stainless steel pre-rinse faucet into mass production in China, we aim at being the leader of stainless steel commercial faucets all over the world.

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Information -08/07/2019
Water Conservation Made Easy

Water is so essential to our lives that it can be the most difficult utility to reduce our consumption of. But if you find yourself barely keeping your head above the water every time you need to pay your bills, you might want to do something to reduce them.

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Information -29/06/2019
Kitchen Faucet Aerators Can Harbor a Ton of Gunk and Debris

Kitchen Faucet Aerators Can Harbor a Ton of Gunk and Debris

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