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What makes Bestware stainless steel faucets unique?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-08-31      Origin: Site

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As the first manufacturer to put stainless steel pre-rinse faucet into mass production in China, we aim at being the leader of stainless steel commercial faucets all over the world. 

  • How to attract consumers with our premium faucets? 

We start to use stainless steel instead of brass.

  • How to convince the customer with superior quality?

 We perform a 100% inspection before shipment.

  • And how to make sure the inspection is accurate and valid? 

 We test all the faucets with ATEQ leak testers F620. 

     f620-leaktester-ateq     F620-DOS

ATEQ is the world number one supplier of automatic leak testing machines & leak test systems for assembly lines or laboratories. With this tester, we can…


The ATEQ F6 “MiniValve” is made for small part testing.

In the pressure decay world, volume is the big enemy. The more volume is filled, the longer it takes to get into the test pressure, to stabilize and to test the part.

For small parts (up to 5cc) the absurd situation is that most of the volume tested is in the pipes and internal pneumatics of the instrument.

A standard ATEQ valve is already twice as small as the nearest competitor’s. But ATEQ has gone further with its mini valve that has allowed it to achieve total cycle time (fill, stabilize, test, dump) down to 0.2 sec for leak rates as low as 0.5 cc/min.


This is the crown jewel technology of ATEQ. Not only does it compensate for temperature variations, but also it learns from the results it gets and adapts itself to those results in a smart way.


Again, this feature is an ATEQ exclusivity.

In some applications, filling the part takes more than 1/3 of the total cycle time.

ATEQ has this innovative feature that will let the electronic pressure regulator open fully for a small amount of time, so the part fills up faster.

The “Ballistic fill” does not only fill faster. It also helps stabilizing the part’s volume faster.


ATEQ F6 can leak test components up to 80 bars (1250 PSI) in differential pressure mode. That remains unmatched in the industry.


Your component is sealed?

The F6 “Sealed component” can test it.

What is so special about sealed components?

With pressure decay leak testers, the problem isn’t so much to find a small leak in a sealed part, but rather to detect a gross one.

If the component has a big leak, then the internals will get filled at the fill stage, leaving no pressure to drop once the instruments gets into the test stage.

ATEQ has invented and patented the sealed component technic by performing a volume test prior to leak testing your part.

So if there is a gross leak, the volume will be higher than expected and the test will fail.

Welcome to Bestware. If you need more help, please let us know. 

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